In January 1968, Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Three, The Carter Family, The Statler Brothers and Carl Perkins recorded a concert inside California's Folsom Prison. To commemorate this historic show, 40 years later, STRICTLY CASH performed inside Mountjoy Prison, Dublin.

The following year, they recreated the famous San Quentin concert at a show in Cork's Crane Lane Theatre.

Sadly, the original San Quentin show in 1969 did not feature Luther Perkins, who had died in a house fire the previous Summer.

Barry wrote this song for the show in Mountjoy, but also as a tribute to the prison songs written and sung by Johnny Cash.

As in San Quentin, the Mountjoy audience demanded that the song be repeated, and, let's face it, who was going to argue?

It was performed a third time to close the show.


In a world of steel and stone

In a place I call my home,

On a cold hard slab of concrete where I lie,

When I hear them close that gate

All I ever do is hate

Every moment that I spend here in Mountjoy.

It hurts to realise

That there's another world outside

When I hear the trains and sirens passing by.

If I listen I can count

Every score in Dalymount

But I never get to see them in Mountjoy.

They tell us when to eat

When to wake and when to sleep.

They'll teach me right from wrong before I die.

While I'm incarcerated

In this hell that man's created

I'm being rehabilitated in Mountjoy.

So what's it all about.

Will I have changed when I get out?

Will I gain from all the years that have passed me by?

Will I be a better man,

Will I do the best I can,

Am I part of some great plan,

in Mountjoy.

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